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Fresh Ideas for Marketing your Small BusinessMarketing & Website Solutions Australia (Marketing Web) is a small business focused on providing marketing solutions for other small and medium sized businesses, in the areas of website design & development, search engine optimisation (SEO), and marketing consulting. We believe that a website isn't much use unless it can be found by potential customers, which is why we build websites that are designed from the ground up to achieve high search engine rankings, not just to look pretty!

Because our clients are primarily small to medium sized businesses, we understand that marketing and website development budgets can sometimes be limited. For this reason we always aim to provide a solution that not only achieves it's goals, but is cost effective as well.

That said, we also think it's important that businesses of all sizes are able to look professional and in many cases compete directly with larger businesses, and that taking shortcuts will not lead to desired results. Basically .... it's about balance, and also about fresh ideas that will grow your business.

Marketing Web Owner - Matthew Cummins

Matthew Cummins - Owner of Marketing Web

Hi, My name is Matthew Cummins. I'm the main guy here at Marketing Web, and would love to discuss working with you on your next project.

Marketing Web is mostly me (but not only!). I have extensive experience in marketing (both online and offline), website development and search engine optimisation, as well as graphic design skills and a keen eye for detail. For many projects I am able to complete everything myself (keeping your costs down), and being that Marketing Web is a small business you are only paying for the work completed - not a whole bunch of overheads that many larger companies factor into their costs.

The world of marketing and website development is quite wide, and some of the more complex projects require specific advanced skills in a particular area. For this reason I work with a number of specialists on certain projects, including graphic designers, programmers and others who have skills in areas that can contribute to project success.

This network of specialists allows Marketing Web to provide for a huge variety of marketing and web technology solutions, with the peace of mind that the entire process is being managed in a way that takes into account the big picture. This also means that because we handle the technical stuff, you don't have to!

My Qualifications and Experience:

I have successfully completed two university degrees Bachelor of Computing and Bachelor of Management (Marketing). These qualifications have provided me with a solid foundation of knowledge within the areas of marketing and IT, as well as an understanding of how to effectively combine these two important areas within an organisation.

I also have extensive experience in both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) sales, marketing and marketing management, search engine optimisation (SEO) and website development. In fact, I built my first website in 1995 (the year after the web started!), and have been passionate about the web ever since.